Journal of Rescue and Relief (امداد و نجات)

Journal of Rescue and Relief (امداد و نجات)

Journal of Rescue and Relief, Volume 15, Issue 3, Serial 58 (2023) (مقاله پژوهشی وزارت بهداشت)



Contextual Factors Affecting the Role of Family in Sports Socialization among the Athlete Relief Workers of the Red Crescent Society(مقاله پژوهشی وزارت بهداشت)

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INTRODUCTION: Considering the role of socialization factors in encouraging people to participate in sports and the importance of the family in this process, the present study aimed to assess the contextual factors affecting the role of the family in sports socialization among the athlete relief workers of the Red Crescent Society. METHODS: This exploratory qualitative research used the Glaser Grounded theory. The statistical population of the research included 16 professors of sports sociology and experts of the Red Crescent Society, who were interviewed using a targeted non-probability sampling method with maximum diversity or heterogeneity based on the theoretical saturation index. The data were analyzed based on three stages: open, axial, and selective coding. FINDINGS: According to the findings, the contextual factors include the two main categories of community conditions and family conditions and six subcategories, including management and structural limitations, financial and facility limitations, little participation of parents in sports activities, little family investment in sports, emotional support, and raising families' awareness of sports. CONCLUSION: Apart from physical strength, people need to meet other requirements to become an athlete. Moreover, in addition to individual abilities, facilities, access to opportunities, and socialization factors, such as family and community conditions, have also major roles to play in the process of becoming an athlete.

Theoretical Analysis of Human Intervention in the Formation of Climate Change Phenomenon in Iran(مقاله پژوهشی وزارت بهداشت)

تعداد بازدید : 368 تعداد دانلود : 696
INTRODUCTION: Climate change is a fact that is known globally, and Iran is a country that has been affected by climate events for a long time and is one of the factors that threaten the stability and flexibility of environmental systems, social systems, and quality of life of people. The current study was performed to explain the phenomenon of climate change in Iran based on the experience of experts and key informants. METHODS: This qualitative research is a content analysis type. To collect data, in-depth interviews were carried out with 9 experts purposefully and it was continued until the data saturation stage was reached. For the reliability of the data, the strategies of validity, verifiability, trustworthiness, and transferability were used. FINDINGS: According to the results, two main themes were extracted from the data: 1) Acceptors of human intervention in climate change: who believed in the impact of human activities and the existence of consequences of climate change in Iran; 2) Deniers of human intervention in climate change: that continuous change in climate and its changeable nature has existed forever on the planet and is not an issue that is dependent on human intervention. CONCLUSION: Based on the findings, it is recommended to raise the level of awareness of society about the issue of climate change, along with training the people and organizations associated with climate change management, to reduce and adjust to the consequences of climate change. In addition, it is suggested to perform a phenomenological qualitative study to explain the phenomenon of the intensification of climate change about the interventions of humans in their environment, and the intensification of the consequences of climate change.

Evaluating the Impact of the Red Crescent Society Radio Podcast from the Audience's Point of View in Public Education and Increasing the Level of Public Awareness(مقاله پژوهشی وزارت بهداشت)

تعداد بازدید : 34 تعداد دانلود : 592
INTRODUCTION: In this research, the impact of the Red Crescent radio podcast has been evaluated from the audience's point of view in public training and increasing the level of public awareness. METHODS: The current research is a quantitative-qualitative (mixed) research based on field data from the opinions of the radio podcast audience of the Red Crescent Society of Iran, in which it has been tried to evaluate the effectiveness of using podcasts as an educational method both quantitatively and qualitatively using thematic analysis. FINDINGS: The results of the research show that podcasts and audio content can be used as a low-cost educational method and with the ability to spread quickly among the general public due to the lack of time allocation and the possibility of learning in different environments, the possibility of quick and free publication and the possibility of developing easy access to the audience. The audio appeal of podcasts increases especially when it is narrated in the form of a story and several narrators. The production of a podcast with purely educational content should not be longer than 20 minutes. CONCLUSION: The results of the studies indicate that content-oriented podcasts can be boring for learners if they last more than 20 minutes. Production of audio content can be used as an educational method in public education if the created content has enough details. Considering that the majority of learners have more educational ability through visual content, making videocassettes can be a more suitable way to transmit educational content. Unfamiliarity with the resources and the low interest in public education is due to the lack of advertising, the majority of the audience is not familiar with Red Crescent public education.

Excellence of Human Resources in Non-governmental Organizations with a Voluntary Approach in the Volunteers Organization of the Red Crescent Society(مقاله پژوهشی وزارت بهداشت)

تعداد بازدید : 354 تعداد دانلود : 833
INTRODUCTION: The excellence of human resources has been one of the basic goals of organizations in recent years, and efforts have been made to create appropriate competitive advantages for the organization. In this research, the excellence of human resources in non-governmental organizations was investigated in the Volunteers Organization of the Red Crescent Society. METHODS: This cross-sectional descriptive research was carried out using a quantitative approach. The statistical population in this research consisted of the employees and volunteers of the Volunteers Organization, among whom 429 individuals were selected using a simple random sampling method. The required data were collected through a researcher-made questionnaire. In order to investigate the research hypotheses, Spearman's correlation and regression tests were used in SPSS-21 software. FINDINGS: According to the opinions of the employees and volunteers of the Volunteers Organization, there was a significant relationship between the excellence of human resources and volunteers activities in service organizations with a volunteer approach. This means that in this organization, improving the conditions of excellence of human resources would increase the willingness to volunteer behaviors in the organization. CONCLUSION: The results showed that various organizations could have effective activities with targeted planning in human resource excellence in the field of social responsibility and doing voluntary activities in the community in such a way that when these activities are planned and continuous, the responsibility of other NGOs or such organizations is reduced.

Spatial Analysis of Rescue and Relief Bases in Alborz Province in order to Reduce Hazards(مقاله پژوهشی وزارت بهداشت)

تعداد بازدید : 140 تعداد دانلود : 423
INTRODUCTION: The occurrence of a huge number of road accidents in Iran makes it necessary to pay more attention than before to the rescue and relief sector, the correct locating of road rescue and relief bases and its development and equipment, especially in Alborz province and topological conditions, geographical diversity and its tourism characteristics. Therefore, in this research, in order to reduce the hazards, the spatial analysis of rescue and relief bases in this province was conducted. METHODS: In this research, in order to optimize the allocation and locating the rescue and relief centers, the intended indicators were extracted from the Red Crescent Society instructions and after preparing the required data, the weight of each index was extracted and optimized in PSO algorithm in MATLAB environment using AHP hierarchical analysis and OWA weighted average. The obtained weights were applied in the corresponding layers and the optimal points were suggested for the development of the rescue and relief network of Alborz province. FINDINGS: Finally, prioritizing the development of rescue and relief centers in the province was suggested after evaluating the accident-prone state of the province in relation to the existing and proposed centers as well as the development plans of the province CONCLUSION: The results showed that the use of PSO algorithm can have acceptable results in the field of optimal locating of rescue and relief centers.

Structural Analysis of Key Drivers Affecting Resilience against Earthquakes in District 20 of Tehran(مقاله پژوهشی وزارت بهداشت)

تعداد بازدید : 881 تعداد دانلود : 878
INTRODUCTION: Informal settlements in cities are one of the most vulnerable regions to natural disasters, including earthquakes. The investigation of the vulnerability of Tehran's 20th District to earthquakes revealed that the plans and measures taken to make this area more resilient were unsuccessful. This research was conducted to systematically identify and analyze the key drivers effective on the resilience of District 20 of Tehran against earthquakes. METHODS: The present study was mixed (quantitative-qualitative) with an analytical-exploratory nature, and the statistical population consisted of a group of 35 experts in the two fields of "futuristic approach" and "resilience". The Delphi technique was utilized in this research, and the obtained data were analyzed in MicMac software using structural analysis. FINDINGS: The findings obtained from the distribution of variables in the axes of influence and dependence of factors in MicMac software indicated the instability of the system within the scope of the study, based on which, five categories of variables were identified. CONCLUSION: According to the high score of direct and indirect influences of the factors, 11 main factors were identified as the key drivers affecting the resilience of District 20 of the Tehran metropolis against the earthquake.

Developing a Model for Promoting Social Responsibility of the Red Crescent Society by Emphasizing on volunteers’ participation in disasters(مقاله پژوهشی وزارت بهداشت)

تعداد بازدید : 921 تعداد دانلود : 988
INTRODUCTION: Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS), as the biggest non-governmental organizations in Iran's social system, needs to develop the concept of social responsibility. The current study was conducted to develop a model for the social responsibility of the Red Crescent Society by emphasizing on volunteers’ participation in disasters. METHODS: A qualitative approach (Grounded Theory method) was designed to define related components. The sample population included experts and volunteers in the Red Crescent Society. The sampling method was purposeful and 22 volunteers were selected based on theoretical saturation. The data collection tool was a semi-structured interview, and data analysis was conducted based on paradigm model explanation. FINDINGS: Based on data analysis, causal conditions consist of 9 main categories, 32 sub-categories and 76 concepts; contextual conditions consist of 6 main categories, 18 subcategories, and 77 concepts; 2 main categories, 8 sub-categories and 33 concepts for intervening conditions; the strategies consist of 11 main categories, 37 sub-categories and 148 concepts, and finally, the results consist of 9 main categories, 12 sub-categories and 52 concepts. On the base of extracted data, a paradigm model of the social responsibility with an emphasis on the participation of volunteers was designed. CONCLUSION: The social responsibility of the Red Crescent Society is a comprehensive issue and has different legal, ethical, public, national, economic and social aspects which should be considered in planning of this organization for disasters.

The Effect of Rescue and Relief Services on the Severity of Traffic Accidents(مقاله پژوهشی وزارت بهداشت)

تعداد بازدید : 169 تعداد دانلود : 300
INTRODUCTION: According to the official statistics, a high rate of road traffic deaths occurs during the transportation of the injured and in medical centers. The way of transporting the injured to the medical centers, the standard time of dispatch and timely treatment in the hospitals, the land use planning of medical centers and rehabilitation are the three missing links of the post-event phase. Therefore, the researchers aimed to assess the effect of rescue and relief services on the severity of traffic accidents in this study. METHODS: This applied research was conducted based on an exploratory mixed method. The statistical population in the qualitative section included Amin Police Academy professors, experts of both Red Crescent Society (RCS) of Tehran province and Tehran Emergency Medical Service (EMS), who were selected via purposive sampling method. In the qualitative section, the theme analysis method was used and analyzed by using Maxqda-2020 software. The statistical population of the quantitative part included excellent accident experts of 28 districts of Tehran and experts of the RCS and EMS of Tehran province in a stratified random method. In the following, confirmatory factor analysis using structural equation modeling method was used and analyzed with SmartPLS3 software. FINDINGS: The dimensions of the impact of rescue and relief services on the severity of traffic accidents from the perspective of Red Crescent Society and Emergency Medical Services experts included equipment (31.077), land use planning (25.610), expertise (23.598), and education (8.243). The most marked impact was related to equipment, and the least impact pertained to education. Furthermore, the dimensions of the effect of rescue and relief services on the severity of traffic accidents from the perspective of accident experts included equipment (42.009), land use planning (34.419), education (33.770), and expertise (8.951). The greatest impact was related to equipment, and the least effect pertained to expertise. In addition, the factor loadings of all dimensions were more than 0.5 being significant at the 0.95 level. CONCLUSION: Strengthening and developing equipment, land use planning balanced with the geography of missions, and continuous specialized training of rescue and relief of RCS and EMS experts will positively reduce the severity of traffic accidents in the country.


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