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Time and Modality in Avicennan Logic


کلید واژه ها: Avicennan logic temporal modalities time and modality

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One ef the most important innovations in the history ef traditional logic is the Avicena's Theory ef Temporal Modalities (.ATM). Althottgh) the basic concepts and elements ef this theory are fottnded in Aristotelian and Stoic-lvlegarian !0 gic) but as a independent lo,gical system, are devised on/y fry Avicenna and were later developed and completed fry his followers. The ATM theory contains the h(ghest de._gree of logical complexiry in the allperiods of the traditional lo,gic. In this article) with a historical and comparative approach, we s!ttcfy the theory of temporal modalities(.A TM) based on the logical heritage o] Avicenna and later logicians in such a ivqy that 1ve can sbou! their relation 1vith modern logical concepts

Silence as the Ultimate Fulfillment of the Philosophical Quest

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The surprising comment U7ittgenstein malees at the end of his Tractatus suggests that, even thot(f!,h the analysis of tuords is the proper method of doint philosopy, philosopf?fs ultimate aim mqy be to experience silence. Whereas I:Vit(!!,enstein never explains 1vhat he meant kY his C'l)'ptic conclusion, Kant provides numerous clues as to bo». the same position can he understood in a more complete and systematic 1vqy. Distin,rz,uishin,_rz, betiueen the meani,zrz,s of "silence," "noise" and "sound" provides a helpful 1vqy of understandinrz, hon; philosophers can devote so much effort to anctfyzjng nerds even thot(rz,h their quest is ultimate!J fu!ftlled onb1 in a deep experience of reali-t_y that is most adequate!J expressed in silence.

Quantum Physics: A Case for Anti-Realism?


کلید واژه ها: Realism Ant-realism quantum mechanics Scientific Knowledge Copenhagen interpretation Instrumenialism

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The aim of the present paper is to sbo» that anti-realism in science, 1vhich has a1;guab/y become more fashionable in recentyears, contrary to tuha: its proponents assert, cannot make use of quantum mechanics and its impressiue achievements as a frump card in justifying its claims. I will argue that scientific anti-realism far from providing scientific communiry with a progressive methodologicalframeuorle is a restrictive approach wbicb would hamper scientific progress. Focusing on the historical evidence of the 1vqys in subicb quantum mechanics was deueloped, I 1vill further argue that the orthodox interpretation of quantum mechanics due to Bohr and Heisenberg, among others, iuith its in-built anti-realistic elements provides a damning verdict against the claims of anti-realists. Following a critical assessment of a number of alternative interpretations or the calculus of quantum mechanics, I shall present realistic approaches which provide more effective and frudful conceptualframeu;orks for the advancement of research in the quantum


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