Journal of Modern Psychology

Journal of Modern Psychology

Journal of Modern Psychology, Volume 3, Issue 1, Winter 2023



Effects of Communication Skills in the Physical Education on Enjoyment and Involvement among High-School Students

کلید واژه ها: communication skills Enjoyment involvement Physical education

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تعداد بازدید : 297 تعداد دانلود : 394
  Communication is associated to the effectiveness and efficiency of any sports team function due to its informative, motivational and evaluative role. However, the effects of communication skills within the physical education context are rarely investigated. Hence, the aim of this study was to investigate the effects of communication skills in the physical education on enjoyment and involvement of high school students. It was hypothesized that communication skills within the physical education class have positive effects on enjoyment and involvement of high-school students. The method used in this study was a structural equation modelling. The participants included 384 adolescents age 16 to 18 years old (mean 16.96±0.57 years old) who attended in regular high-schools. Teacher Communication Behavior Questionnaire (TCBQ) and Fragebogens zur Erfassung von Freude am Schulsport im Jugendalter (FEFS-J), and Student Engagement Instrument (SCI) were used for assessing communication skills, enjoyment, and involvement. To analyze data, we used Pearson correlation test and structural equation modeling. Results showed that communication skills had significant effects on enjoyment (T=4.182) and involvement (T=6.082). In addition, enjoyment had significant effects on involvement (T=3.291). Results of evaluating fitness of good showed that our model has a good fit (GOF=0.93). Communication skills are very important for engagement and learning of students.

Effects of Attentional Focus on Learning a Balance Task among Children with DCD


کلید واژه ها: Attention balance children DCD motor learning

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تعداد بازدید : 547 تعداد دانلود : 111
Motor learning studies on adults have shown that directing the learners’ attention to external cues is more effectual than internal cues. In this study, we investigated if this could be applied to children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD). 45 boys with developmental coordination disorder were selected using motor observation questionnaire for teachers. The task was static balance test that was measured in two experimental conditions including internal (focus on body limb) and external (focus on rex marker) focus of attention. For data analysis, ANOVA and Tukey’s post hoc were used at the significant level of P < 0.05. Results showed that external focus could improve motor learning. However, there was no significant difference between internal focus and control groups. Thus children with DCD benefit from the external focus of attention to learning a static balance skill. According to the results of this study, therapists and coaches should adjust their rehabilitation methods and instructions based on external focus of attention.

Comparison of the Quality of Life of Elderly Women and Men Living in Nursing Homes

کلید واژه ها: Elderly man Elderly Women Nursing home quality of life

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the quality of life of the elderly and compare it between men and women. In this cross-sectional study, four elderly homes in the city of Ardabil were randomly selected (two male elderly homes and two female elderly homes) and then 60 elderly (36 female and 24 male) They were asked to answer the SF-36 questionnaire and then the data were analyzed using SPSS 21 software and descriptive and inferential statistics. The results showed that the mean scores of elderly residents of Ardabil in the nursing home in each of the eight sub-scales of the quality of life questionnaire were lower than those of non-elderly people in similar research. Also, the mean scores of these people's quality of life were lower than other elderly people in other studies, and they only had higher scores in terms of energy-fatigue. Another finding of this study was that elderly men had significantly higher scores in energy-fatigue subscales (t = 2.73, p = 0.008), emotional well-being (t = 2/05, p = 0.04) and physical pain (t = 0.22, p = 0.05). According to the results, it seems that the elderly residents of the elderly homes of Ardebil are not well-positioned in terms of quality of life. Although it is inevitable to reduce the quality of life in old age, failure to address the conditions of the elderly and their quality of life can impose material and immaterial costs on the society and these people themselves.

Effects of Teaching Style on Prosocial and Antisocial Behaviors among Children

کلید واژه ها: Antisocial Behavior children Needs support Needs thwarting Prosocial Behavior

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تعداد بازدید : 917 تعداد دانلود : 170
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of teaching style in physical education on prosocial and antisocial behaviors of children. We used a descriptive-correlational method for this study. The participates of the present study included 384 primary school students (mean age of 9.17 years old), including 192 boys and 192 girls which were selected by using a convenience sampling method. For collecting data, teacher as social context (TASC) Questionnaire, sport climate questionnaire (SCQ) and prosocial and antisocial behavior in sport scale (PABSS) were used. Correlation test and structural equation method were used for da analysis.  The results showed that perceived need support directly affected prosocial behaviors. In addition, perceived need thwarting indirectly affected prosocial behaviors. Moreover, perceived need support indirectly affected antisocial behaviors. Finally, perceived need thwarting directly affected antisocial behaviors. These findings demonstrate that needs supportive teaching style would lead to increase the prosocial behaviors and decrease antisocial behaviors in the physical education class among children.  

Designing a Model of Social Factors Affecting Children’s Participation in Physical Activity

کلید واژه ها: children Intention motivation Physical activity Social factors

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Although some factors affecting children’s participation in physical activity and sports are well known, the important social factors that influence children’s participation in physical activity and sports have not been properly identified. In this study, we aimed to design a model of social factors influencing children’s participation in physical activity and sports. The method used in the present research is descriptive-correlation based on the structural equation method. The statistical sample of the study consisted of 384 students who were selected through convenience sampling method. Social factors such as parental socioeconomic status, social support, social competence, and social acceptance were measured using standard questionnaires. Structural equation modelling was used to analyze data. The results of the path analysis showed that parental socioeconomic status, social support, social competence and social acceptance had significant effects on motivation (all T>1.96). Moreover, motivation had significant effect on intention to physical activity (T=3.628). Finally, intention to physical activity had significant effect on physical activity (T=5.189). These results show that social factors can be considered in the process of children’s participation in physical activity and sports. In this regard, the role of parents, physical education teachers and friends is very important.

The Effectiveness of Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Reducing the Anxiety of Women with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

کلید واژه ها: Anxiety Cognitive hypnotherapy Generalized anxiety disorder hypnosis

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تعداد بازدید : 633 تعداد دانلود : 967
  The purpose of the current research was the effectiveness of Cognitive hypnotherapy in reducing the anxiety of women with generalized anxiety disorder. This research was quasi-experimental in terms of practical purpose and in terms of data collection. The statistical population of the study included all women with generalized anxiety disorder who had referred to four counseling centers in Bandar Anzali city. For this purpose, 30 women diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder were selected and randomly divided into two experimental groups (15 people) and control (15 people) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Short Scale was administered to both groups and Cognitive hypnotherapy was performed for 2 months during 8 one-hour training sessions, individually for the subjects of the experimental group, and the control group did not receive treatment. Then the said questionnaire was again implemented on both groups. The data were analyzed using the covariance statistical method. The findings showed that Cognitive hypnotherapy was effective in reducing the anxiety of women with generalized anxiety disorder. Therefore, it can be concluded that psychologists and psychiatrists can use Cognitive hypnotherapy to reduce the anxiety of women with generalized anxiety disorder.