International Marketing Modeling

International Marketing Modeling

International Marketing Modeling, Volume 2, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2021



Job Crafting and B2B Salesperson Performance through Meaningful Work: Role-Resource Approach-Avoidance Model

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The aim of the present paper is to determine influence of job crafting on B2B salesperson performance through meaningful work in banking industry. This study applies role-resource avoidance approach theory to explain how job crafting affects Business to Business salesperson outcome and behavioral performance through mediating role of meaningful work. To achieve the research objectives, research data were collected from 175 B2B salesperson and their managers branches of four different Banks of Iran. Structural Equation Modeling was used by SmartPLS (2) software to analyze the impact of job crafting activities on salesperson performance through mediating role of meaningful work. Results of the present study indicated that three types of job crafting activities (i.e., role-approach crafting, resource-approach crafting and role-avoidance crafting) are positively related to salespersons’ selling and non-selling behavioral performance through meaningful work. The resource-avoidance activities are negatively related to salespersons’ selling behavioral performance through meaningful work, but they have not scientific influence on non-selling behavioral performance. Moreover, the salesperson’s both selling and non-selling behavioral performance is positively related to salesperson outcome performance. Prior quantitative studies of job crafting have focused on role orientation or resource orientation but in this study, we used role-resource avoidance approach perspective that suggested new and wide taxonomy for job crafting such work role expansion, work social expansion, work organization, adaptation, metacognition, work role reduction and withdrawal activities.

Trade potentials of Iran and CIS

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Given the growing importance of foreign trade, especially for Iran, as well as the importance of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) , the main purpose of this study is to examine Iran's trade potential with the CIS during the time period 2014-2018. In this regard, by using Allen and Drysdale indices, we have firstly examined Iran's trade similarity with CIS countries. Then, the competitiveness has been evaluated by calculating RCA and Lafay indicators. Finally, based on RCA, Lafay and total trade potential criteria, Iran's trade potential with CIS countries has been measured. According to the study, Iran's trade potential with the CIS region varies between $ 19 billion and $ 30 billion during the time period, and Iran has used only less than 10 percent of its existing trade potential with this region. During the period, Iran has a comparative advantage in more than 400 commoditiy groups, and according to the RCA index, the most important competitive commodity groups are generally primary goods, based on natural resources, agriculture and oil. Also, according to the Lafay Index for 2018, Iran has about 500 commodity groups with a positive index, and there is a significant balance in favor of this group of commodities. Given some significant capacities and advantages over the CIS, Iran should develop its trade with this region, taking into account national interests.

An Analysis of Personal Branding Tactics Strategies in Athletes' Professional Success

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Brands are a symbol of product identity and even of human beings because much of a person's future success depends on his or her personal abilities and the use of available devices to build and develop a desirable image of oneself. Using personal branding can also be a tool for achieving professional success for athletes. The present study, regarding the purpose, is applied-developmental and, regarding the nature and method of data collection, is descriptive-correlational. The statistical population of this study consists of athletes in Sanandaj. From this population, using non-random sampling and based on the researcher's decision, 100 people were selected as sample members among the athletes of the city. The main tool for data collection in this study is a standard questionnaire and its validity was confirmed by professional professors in the management discipline and its total reliability was above 0.7. Regarding the type of research and variables, SPSS software and PLS software have been used to analyze statistical data and test research hypotheses. Based on the results of testing the hypotheses, all the used factors have a significant effect on professional success, among which self-modeling has the highest impact and self-promoting has the lowest impact on the professional success of athletes.

The Impact of Reliable Leadership and Job crafting on Customer Orientation and Service Recovery Performance; Case Study of Sepah Bank of Khuzestan

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of reliable leadership and Job crafting on customer orientation and service recovery performance in Sepah Bank in Khuzestan province. The present research is practical in terms of purpose and is descriptive survey research in terms of research method. Research data using a standard integrated questionnaire to measure reliable leadership variable with 16 items of standard questionnaire of Walumbwa et al. (2008), to measure customer-oriented performance variable with 7 items of Dimitriadis standard questionnaire (2007) to measure performance variable Service retrieval with 5 items of the standard questionnaire of Babakos et al. (2003) and to measure the variable of Job crafting with 21 items of the standard questionnaire of Thames et al. (2012) were collected in the form of Likert scale. The statistical population of the study was 605 employees of Sepah Bank in Khuzestan province, which according to Cochran's formula, 235 people randomly formed the volume of the research sample. Cronbach's alpha of the numerical value of this coefficient for the standard questionnaire was generally 0.835. SPSS and AMOS statistical software were used for an inferential analysis of research data. The results showed that, given that the critical ratio is equal to 4.486, which is more than 1.96, reliable leadership has a positive effect on customer orientation; also, given that the critical ratio is 2.646, we conclude that reliable leadership has a positive effect on service recovery performance; given that the critical ratio is 6.158,

The Role of Viral Marketing on Behavioral Intentions in Durable and nondurable Goods: Is brand equity as a mediator?

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As viral marketing as a factor influencing customer behavior is a new tool that encourages people to comment on companies' products or services online and brand promotion is also one of the most important strategic growth strategies for companies, always at the center of attention so The purpose of the study was to investigate the role of viral marketing on behavioral intentions considering brand equity as a mediating variable; this study was conducted in two parts durable and nondurable goods. Confirmatory factor analysis test (LISREL) and Cronbach alpha were used to assess the validity of the questionnaire. Results showed the validity and reliability of the questionnaires. The results of the LISREL structural equation show that brand equity is viewed as a mediator in the relationship between viral marketing and behavioral intentions. On the other hand, viral marketing has a positive influence on word of mouth marketing and intention to buy and a negative influence on brand change. It turns out that the most influential marketers in the lives of consumers are those who are known and trusted by their consumers. Nowadays consumers usually suffer from a massive influx of information and go through expensive advertising so people decide through word of mouth marketing for shopping. There should also be a major investment in brand building, investing in brand’s special value contributes to brand reputation among customers as well as non-customers.

Investigating the Impact of International Entrepreneurial Orientation on the International Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises

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Today, all organizations must shift their business orientation to be able to understand and meet customers' needs faster than their rivals and pioneering them, in a highly competitive environment. In this area, the entrepreneurial orientation, internationalization and competitive strategies by understanding customer demands and focusing on business benefits, can Guarantee the performance improvement and the survival of these organizations. Therefore, the present study seeks to assess the impact of international entrepreneurship orientation on the international performance of small and medium enterprises, considering the mediator role of competitive strategy and international marketing orientation. In this research, descriptive-survey method has been used. A questionnaire consisting of 65 items was used to collect data. The statistical population of this study was all managers and employees of small and medium enterprises in Bushehr Province. Sampling method is simple random sampling method. To analyze the data, structural equation modeling with partial squares approach was used with the help of Smart PLS3 software. The results of this research show that the international entrepreneurship orientation has a positive and significant effect on the international performance of small and medium enterprises. The results also confirm the mediator role of the competitive strategy and the international market orientation in the relationship between the international entrepreneurial orientation and the international performance of small and medium enterprises.

Examining the Effect of Industry Competitive Intensity: The Mediating Role of Marketing Capabilities and Market-Focused Learning

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The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of industry competitive intensity on brand performance that marketing capabilities and market-focused learning and organizational innovation have the mediator role. Survey of top firms of Tehran Stock Exchange for the last 4 years is explored. We used questionnaire for gathering data and 77 firms of 92 responded to the questionnaire . In order to test the validity of the questionnaire Dillon - Goldstein (cρ =0/70) coefficient used. AVE was used to assess the validity of indicators that show the validity of the questionnaire have been favorable .This study analyzed the data in two levels of descriptive and inferential statistics using Smart PLS ,Spss18, Excel2007. To calculate the significant path coefficient and to gain the test statistic T we used Astrab boot ( via insertion of the sampling method ). The results show that industry competitive intensity has a positive and significant effect on brand performance and all hypotheses were confirmed . The mediation effect of marketing capabilities and market-focused learning and organizational innovation was approved too.