Modern Developments in Management and Accounting

Modern Developments in Management and Accounting

Modern Developments in management and Accounting Vol. 1, No. 1, November (2018)



Corporate Social Responsibility in Iranian Agricultural Sector Governmental Public Policy Making necessities in Agri-Business Partnerships

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One of the main sector in every country is agriculture and its management is very vital for every government and every government?s wants to manage it well because it is interrelated with lots of branches for example citizens? health. Another related part is corporate social responsibility and its relation with public policy and agri-business SMEs is again vital too. This paper investigates the accountants? integrity, responsibility, compassion and forgiveness on CSR in the Iranian private sector in east and west of Azerbaijan in Iran.

Globalization, Corporate Social Responsibility, Agricultural sector Implementing CSR as a dynamic capability in recent modern Agri-business SMES Concerns

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The globalizing market economy is not a homogeneous structure. It seeks the emergence of a decentralized regulation of markets coupled with a cosmopolitan and liberal democracy provided by transnational institutions. During this process, the agricultural sector cannot be hidden and should choose the best practical strategies but in the area of the globalized agricultural economy, how should corporate social responsibility (CSR), of agriculture should be managed? This paper investigates the global economy and corporate social responsibility in the context of the agricultural sector.

Analyzing the Position of Creativity via Denison’s Model for Organization for the Nurses in Amir al-Momenin and Shahid Beheshti Hospitals

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In recent years, scientists have concluded that the outstanding position of successful businesses depend greatly on intangible but strong factors like spirit, potential, creativity and their organizational culture together with their beliefs and values. Relying on these two powerful factors of organizational development, an organization could open up its wings over mountains of prosperity. Recent studies along with many other historical ones have demonstrated that these two factors are among the main factors moving an organization forward. Therefore, the present study aims to investigate the relationship between organizational culture and creativity in nurses working in Amir al-Momenin and Shahid Beheshti Hospitals of Maragheh. This descriptive correlation study was conducted in a statistical population covering all nurses working in these two hospitals from among which, according to Morgan table, a decent statistical sample were selected and the questionnaire was randomly distributed among them. The data for the study were collected through Denson’s standard organizational culture inventory and standard creativity questionnaire both of which were verified for their reliability and validity. The collected data were analyzed using regression test and the Pearson and Spearman coefficients. Results revealed that there is a significant and positive relationship between organizational culture and its dimensions including commitment to cooperation, compatibility, assignments and conformity with creativity in nurses working in Amir al-Momenin and Shahid Beheshti hospitals of Maragheh.

Critical Analysis Of The Implications Of New Managerialism On Ethical, Democratic And Professional

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This paper aims to critically analyze the implications of the new managerialism in the public service through ethical, democratic and professional values. It assumes the contradictions between the values that seek to promote the public service under the model of managerialism and the reality of its implementation. The method used is analytical-descriptive-normative from the critical perspective of the parallel developments of managerialism and public service. The theoretical and methodological framework that serves as a reference for this critical analysis is provided by the theories of organizational economics and public choice. The discussion concludes that there is a necessary conflict between ethical, democratic and professional values of these new organizational forms promoted by managerialism through the theories of economics and organizational public choice and traditional values of public service.

The Relationship between Professional Performance of Teachers with Information Technology and Communication in Public Vocational Schools in the First Region of Tabriz Department of Education

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The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between job performances of Technology Information Communications in public schools is an area of one Tabriz. The model in this study in relation to job performance According to Patterson (1992) in four dimensions, discipline at work, a sense of responsibility at work, cooperate, improve and Technology Information Communications at 7 pm; individual, attitudinal factors, educational factors, technological factors, economic factors, environmental factors, human factors and management have been considered. In addition, in this regard, a main hypothesis and four hypothesis is set. To test the hypothesis, job performance questionnaire, with 16 questions and Technology Information Communications questionnaire with 66 questions, the validity and reliability of the sample that teachers of public schools in Tabriz region137 people had been placed was. Analysis of data using descriptive and inferential statistical methods such as, correlation, and regression was performed through software Spss. The results showed that job performance and its components (discipline at work, a sense of responsibility at work, co-operation, improved work) there is a significant relationship with Technology Information Communications.