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Hisham Dzakiria


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Pronunciation Barriers and Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL): Coping the Demands of 21st Century in Second Language Learning Classroom in Pakistan

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Pronunciation of English language is a very important sub-skill of speaking module in second language learning process. However, it is ignored, neglected, and even never gotten least attention by the teachers, administrators, and stakeholders especially in Pakistan. Grammar, vocabulary, and the other linguistic skills such as reading and writing are emphasized whereas pronunciation has never been focused in language classes. That is why, Pakistani learners have to face a lot of pronunciation problems and they are unable to speak English even after years of learning English. Computer technology provides its learners with a wide variety of different pedagogical tools for pronunciation learning and teaching. Computer augmented instructions have always been proved beneficial. Teachers and learners can use computer technology for the production and articulation of the sounds and they can be familiar with stress and intonation pattern resulting in the reduction of the pronunciation barriers. This article discusses the status of pronunciation and prevailed approach of pronunciation teaching in Pakistan. So, the purpose of this study is to highlight the importance of computer aided instructions for pronunciation teaching at the school level in Pakistan.

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