Advances in Mathematical Finance and Application (AMFA)


Return on investment is a driving force that motivates and is a reward for investors. Investment returns are important for investors, in order for the entire investment game to be realized. Evaluating efficiency is the only logical way (Before risk assessment) that investors can do to compare alternative and different investments. Measuring real returns (relative to the past) is needed to better understand investment performance. Particularly, the study of past returns has a major role in predicting and predicting future returns. Therefore, the present study seeks to "investigate the effect of the internal rate of return on cash recycling on unusual returns as well as the effect of cost leadership strategies variables on the relationship between the internal rate of return on cash recycle and the unusual returns in the period from 2009 to 2013. In this research, the sample consists of 72 companies that have been selected by systematic elimination method, which is a total of 360 years. In this research, linear regression and correlation coefficient were used to investigate the hypotheses of the research. EVIEWS software has been used to analyse the data and test the research hypotheses. According to the regression results, the following results were obtained: 1. An internal rate of return on cash recycling affects unusual returns. 2. The internal rate of return based on the recycling of cash The abnormal returns affect the strategy of cost leadership.


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