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Aygun Abdulova


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Impact of The Human Resource Departmnent‘s Career Development Strategy to Companies Competitive Power; Azerbaijan

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Human resource management deals with the design of formal systems in an organization to ensure the effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish organizational goals. In an organization, the management of human resources means that they must be recruited, compensated, trained, and developed. Human resource management influences to workers developing of their career. Research Purpose. The purpose of this article is to research new strategy of Azerbaijan changing national institutional management system which HR uses to improve workers career. In addition to this article analyzed the sustainability of such strategy and investigate the power’s impact as the result of the company’s competitiveness. Research Hypothesis. The developing of career strategy impacts to workers to gain competitive power. Research Methodology. In the research we use questionnaire method to HR’s manager of 50 Azerbaijan national firms and 5 workers of each firms asks question, interviews about their career developing. We used in research literature. In the end the results will be discussed and the suggestions will be given to companies with theoretical background.

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